BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:4.0 CLASS:public REF:2012-10-24 10:49:31 FN:Club Church ADR;TYPE=WORK:;;Kerkstraat 52 (near Leidsestraat);Amsterdam;;1017;Niederlan de LABEL;TYPE=WORK:Kerkstraat 52 (near Leidsestraat)\N\N1017 Amsterdam\NNieder lande GEO;TYPE=WORK:1, 1 EMAIL;TYPE=WORK, URL: URL: URL: URL: NOTE:amsterdam's new cruise club, situated in the heart of the city, open t uesday till sunday. we have 2 floors of play & dance areas, with changing t heme parties & dj's every night. we offer friendly service as well as a fre e & secure coatcheck, showers etc. CATEGORIES:club UID:28 END:VCARD